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Thursday April 28th, 2011

III Jornades d´Atenció compartida en Pneumologia sobre Infeccions respiratòries

III Jornades d´Atenció compartida en Pneumologia sobre Infeccions respiratòriesEl proper 6 de maig tindran lloc les III Jornades d’Atenció Compartida en Pneumologia a l’Hospital Sagrat Cor que enguany tractaran les Infeccions Respiratòries. L’objectiu de les jornades, organitzades pel grup clínic de pneumologia de l’Àrea Integral de Salut Barcelona Esquerra (AIS-BE) i l’Hospital Sagrat Cor, és proporcionar una visió pràctica i actualitzada sobre els principals problemes de coordinació que es plantegen en l’entorn del pacient amb infecció respiratòria, així com conèixer les dificultats del maneig comú entre l’Hospital i Atenció Primària, reforçar els coneixements i establir les possibles solucions a les deficiències que apareixen a la pràctica diària Read the rest of this entry »

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Friday October 30th, 2009

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and CRESIB join World Pneumonia Day, on November the 2nd

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and CRESIB joins World Pneumonia Day, on November the 2nd

Although progress is being made in reducing the number of child deaths each year, pneumonia still kills more children than any other disease.

Fight pneumonia, safe a child, is the motto for the World Pneumonia Day, a day for the world to focus on the disease that kills more children than any other, pneumonia.

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Thursday August 13th, 2009

Non-invasive ventilation increases survival rate of chronic respiratory disease in ICU patients

This technique is easy to use in any ICU. The concerning paper proves it’s beneficial effects if applied immediately after extubation in patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease and high indicators of disease severity. Complications after extubation drop in over 30% of the cases and 90 days survival was increased in 20%. The conclusions of the study will cause the adaptation of the international clinical practice.

The Lancet is expected to publish the paper today, but it only will be available online. The conclusions of this review state that correct application of non-invasive ventilation after extubation increases survival of critical chronic respiratory patients in 20%. The study included 106 patients who were admitted in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and it was performed by a group of investigators belonging to the Applied Research in Respiratory Infectious Diseases, Critical patients and Lung Cancer team, who were altogether lead by Dr. Miquel Ferrer and Dr. Antoni Torres, as Chief of Pneumology at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and project leader at the IDIBAPS. The outstanding results have definitely ended the controversy about the beneficial effects of non-invasive ventilation in these types of patients and it is most likely that future clinical practice around the world will be adjusted to the protocol described in this paper.

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Tuesday February 17th, 2009

New European consensus document for management of hospital pneumonia

Dr. Antoni Torres

Considerable disagreement persists regarding hospital-acquired pneumonia and ventilator-associated pneumonia. This circumstance has led to the initiative to create a consensus document that unifies the criteria of the 3 main European societies linked to these diseases—the European Respiratory Society (ERS), the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. The person chosen to coordinate this project and represent the ERS was Dr. Antoni Torres, head of the respiratory medicine department of Hospital Clínic, Barcelona and leader of the research team on the spiritual diseases at the Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS). He is the principal author of the article published in the Journal Intensive Care Medicine (35:9-29), which lists the 20 points of agreement that were reached.

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