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Thursday August 04th, 2011

For the first time in the world, the Hospital Clínic applied minimal scar techniques in living donors for kidney transplant

El Dr. Alcaraz y su equipoKidney transplant from a living donor, besides of being the best option for young people and those affected by particular conditions, results in increased organ survival and solves in part the organ shortage afflicting Spain since the mid-90 despite the high rate of cadaveric donation. According to the National Transplant Organization in 2010 in Spain 240 living donor kidney transplants were made, which represents 11% of the total. This year the expectation is that this number will grow to about 300, which would be almost about 13-15% of the total. Given these data and the need to keep looking for new surgical technologies for the improvement of transplantation procedures, the experience of the minimally invasive surgery team at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona has promoted a new way of improvement in living donor programs.
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