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Tuesday April 28th, 2015

Discovered the genome regions responsible for pancreas formation

A group of researchers from IDIBAPS and the Imperial College London have developed, for the first time, a collection of the genome regions that contain the instructions for the pancreas development in the human embryo. There are included both the genes and those regions of the genome, called enhancers, that act as a kind of switches and play a key role in the genes activation or deactivation. The analysis of these switches has revealed a new mechanism that promotes the formation of the pancreas. In the article, published in the journal Nature Cell Biology, a model of stem cells differentiated to pancreatic progenitor cells, has also been validated which will facilitate the study of this organ in vitro from now on. Dr. Jorge Ferrer, head of the Genomic Programming of Beta Cells and Diabetes team at IDIBAPS and the Imperial College London, coordinates this study in which has also participated Dr. Meritxell Rovira, researcher in the same group at IDIBAPS.

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