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Monday March 16th, 2009

Hospital Clínic Is Invited to Take Part on a Regular Basis in the Quiral Opinion Discussions

L'Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, als col·loquis QuiralHospital Clínic will take part on a regular basis (every 3 months) in these discussions, organized by the Vila Casas Foundation, to debate medicine and health matters which, according to the Quiral report, are of most interest to the press in our country. The representative of Hospital Clínic in these events will be Dr. Antoni Trilla, Director of Quality and Safety of Patient Care, who has already taken part in the debate, held in January, on joint payment as an instrument for funding the health care system. The conclusions and opinions of the participants in these discussions (specialist journalists, health care agents and managers, the Vila Casas Foundation and the UPC Observatory on Science Communication) will be published shortly in the  Cuaderno de Opinión Quiral.   Medicina, Comunicación y Sociedad.

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Friday March 13th, 2009

Primary Care Condemns Murder of Doctor in Murcia

Un moment de l'aturadaPrimary care personnel of CAPSE and GesClínic held a rally today at 12:00 in front of the Les Corts Primary Care Center to second a stoppage of 5 minutes in condemnation of the shooting to death of María Eugenia Moreno, a resident in family medicine in a health care center in Murcia. Hospital Clínic de Barcelona shared her family’s pain.

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Thursday March 12th, 2009

Clínic travels to Japan through Trendy

El Clínic viatja a Japó via Trendy

2008 ended with heartening news that had gone far beyond national and European borders: Spanish researchers begin clinical trials of a vaccine to prevent aids. The image shows the article in the Japanese journal, Trendy, as a result of this tremendous milestone that has been achieved by researchers from the CSIC, Gregorio Marañon Hospital, Madrid and Hospital Clínic, Barcelona.

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Tuesday March 10th, 2009

Hospital Clínic Cooperates with the Dutch Euro Tissue Bank Foundation to Treat Burns Patients

agreement TSF-Holanda

A cooperation agreement between Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, through the Transplant Services Foundation (TSF), and the Euro Tissue Bank Foundation (the largest tissue bank in Europe) that was signed on 4 March will allow the Catalan center to collaborate on different research projects and send human skin to the Netherlands, where the tissue bank is located. The skin tissue will be used to treat people suffering from severe burns who cannot undergo an autograft.

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Monday March 09th, 2009

The Journals PNAS and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Acknowledge the Work of the Researchers of Hospital Clínic – IDIBAPS

Articles reconeguts a PNAS i Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

The number and quality of the articles signed by researchers from Hospital Clínic and IDIBAPS continues to grow. There have been 2 recent examples of how this work has been receiving considerable international recognition.

First, the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) dedicated a 2-page illustrated commentary on the print edition of an article that appeared online in mid-January. This underlines the relevance of the results presented in the article, which described the efficacy of CD5 protein to treat septic shock caused by fungi. This study was carried out in collaboration with Hospital del Mar, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, and East Tennessee State University and, together with previous complementary research by the team, could become the first effective response to fungal and bacterial septic shock. The study was coordinated by Dr. Francisco Lozano and the main authors were Dr. Jorge Vera and Dr. Rafael Fenutria.

Also, the journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, one of the most important journals worldwide in the area of gastroenterology, has congratulated the authors of research published in September 2008. The article became the 11th most viewed online through Sciencedirect. This study on the treatment of gastric vascular lesions was signed by Dr. Samuel Herrera and Dr. Josep M. Bordas (main authors) and by Dr. Antoni Castells.

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Thursday March 05th, 2009

IDIBAPS Receives Accreditation as a Health Care Research Institute from the Ministry of Science and Innovation

L'IDIBAPS, acreditat pel IIS

Accreditations for Health Care Research Institutes were awarded for the first time at an event held today at the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid. The Institute d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) – Hospital Clínic, Barcelona was the first center to be accredited and this fact has now been formalized. A further 3 Catalan centers have now joined IDIBAPS – the research institutes of the Vall d’Hebron, Bellvitge and Germans Trias i Pujol hospitals. Apart from the 4 Catalan hospitals, the Biomedicine Institute of Seville (IBIS) has also been accredited.

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