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Monday October 03rd, 2016

Fòrum Salut Clínic brings up to date on osteoporosis

Often, bone fractures are attributed to a slip, a fall or a collision, but the fact is that in many cases it is due to osteoporosis, a very common disease, especially in women over 50 years: one in three are suffering from the disease. On 29 September, Dr. Núria Guanyabens, Chief of Rheumatology, Dr. Pilar Peris and Ms. Celia Saura, consultant and nurse in the same service, they took care of updating on osteoporosis at the crowded audience that attended the “Health Lecture Series Disclosure”.

Osteoporosis is a known word often associate with post menopausal women, but what is it? How is it diagnosed? What treatments can be offered? The speakers were responsible for answering these questions: Osteoporosis is a disease that decreases bone density and, as a result, increases its fragility. Therefore, the main problem lies in the increased risk of suffering fractures. As recalled Dr. Peris, “the decalcification of the bones brings no symptoms, clinical manifestation occurs through the fractures.”

According to Dr. Guanyabens, drugs that can combat osteoporosis “are very good” and although not cure, “reduce the risk of fractures.” She also emphasized in the need to take the medication that doctors prescribe, because as recalled Ms. Saura, “as it is a silent disease, we found that some patient stops treatment.”

In addition to medication, the speakers stressed the importance of good levels of vitamin D, since it is responsible for the absorption of calcium from the intestine. And where do we get vitamin D? The sun: It is recommended that people who have osteoporosis keep sun exposure of about thirty minutes, although this time depends on the geographical latitude and the risk of skin cancer. Equally important is a rich in calcium intake reaching 1,200 mg daily.

On 27 October, Fòrum Salut Clinic offers a talk on “L’Area Comprehensive Health of Barcelona Esquerra: treballem coordinats per atendre’t millor” in which Dr. David Font, Director of Strategy and Planning at Clinic, will explain the health organization between the hospital and primary care.

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