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Thursday October 27th, 2016

Clinic launches its vaccination campaign for professionals

It has already started the vaccination campaign for Clínic professionals. Xeri is again the visible face of the campaign, now characterized with atrezzo from the popular “Pokemon Go”. Xeri is responsible to catch the evil “gripis” the incarnation of influenza virus that year after year hinders the recovery of patients at high risk of complications.

Health workers is a key point in the chain of transmission of influenza virus. Coinciding with the vaccination campaign initiated by the Department of Health, Clinic launches internal vaccinating in order to avoid the many complications that can cause this virus, especially in the elderly or in patients with chronic diseases.

The flu Clínic campaign aims to appeal to the joint “evolution” as a reference center on prevention. On the other hand, vaccination is not the only way to contribute to a good prevention. Other practices, such as hand washing, are also highly effective in achieving the longed-for “evolution”.

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