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Thursday November 27th, 2014

Art and science meet in the book Sketching científic IDIBAPS

The art of urban natural drawing, or sketching, is a social and artistic phenomenon gaining adherents worldwide at great speed. The IDIBAPS has promoted over the past year, several activities to publicize the research that is carried out in the laboratories daily, through this artistic side. On November 20th, as part of Science Week in Catalonia, it was presented the final result of this project: the book Sketching científic IDIBAPS, the result of the two workshops in scientific sketching that have been carried out, one with professional Sketchers and the other, open to citizens.

The presentation was hosted by the IDIBAPS Manager, Pastora Martínez, and consisted on an informal discussion between the sketchers Sagar Fornies, Cristina Curto and Santi Salles, the researchers Rosa Gasa, Esther Jiménez and Jaime de la Rocha, all of them participants in this initiative, and the people present in the room. A video summarizing the initiative was projected in the event, and, together with the debate, there was a live action painting, where Lapin, another of the Sketchers who participated in the book, drew what was happening in the presentation, to bring this art to those people who were unaware. The presentation was attended by a large number of people who, in one way or another, helped make the book possible.

The project “Scientific Sketching IDIBAPS” was devised with the aim of publicizing the research carried out at the institute to the society, in an unusual way, through the urban natural drawing. To make this possible, last May and September two workshops in scientific sketching were conducted. In the first one, which took place on May 28th, 5 professional and prestigious illustrators participated: Sagar Fornies, Lapin, Swasky, Cristina Curto and Santi Sallés. Before starting to draw a group of researchers from different biomedical fields explained them the research carried out daily in the IDIBAPS. Then, on September 20th, 100 people talented people for drawing and curiosity for science met in the second workshop, an original open day. They were accompanied by researchers and the sketchers who had participated in the previous workshop, and were able to discover what is done and how the research is carried out in a laboratory, to then be capable of drawing what most attracted their attention.

The “Scientific Sketching  IDIBAPS” is an initiative promoted by the IDIBAPS, in co-operation with the Drawing on Location School, Centre Cívic Urgell and Casa Piera, and has the support of FECYT. With the aim of reaching to the greatest number of people possible this book has been published under a Creative Commons license. Help us to spread it!

More information about the project at the IDIBAPS Channel in YouTube and in the article: “Art and science meet at the first workshop on scientific sketching at IDIBAPS“.

Image: Guillem Trius; Illustration: Lapin

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