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Monday March 16th, 2009

Hospital Clínic Is Invited to Take Part on a Regular Basis in the Quiral Opinion Discussions

L'Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, als col·loquis QuiralHospital Clínic will take part on a regular basis (every 3 months) in these discussions, organized by the Vila Casas Foundation, to debate medicine and health matters which, according to the Quiral report, are of most interest to the press in our country. The representative of Hospital Clínic in these events will be Dr. Antoni Trilla, Director of Quality and Safety of Patient Care, who has already taken part in the debate, held in January, on joint payment as an instrument for funding the health care system. The conclusions and opinions of the participants in these discussions (specialist journalists, health care agents and managers, the Vila Casas Foundation and the UPC Observatory on Science Communication) will be published shortly in the  Cuaderno de Opinión Quiral.   Medicina, Comunicación y Sociedad.

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